Exam 70-298 Suggested Exercises | 491
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Remote Administration Tools
1. Be able to design and choose among the various remote administration
options: Remote Desktop, EMS, Remote Assistance, Remote Administration
(HTML), Telnet, and NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing.
2. Understand the difference between Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and the
protocols that use RDP.
3. Understand when each remote admin tool can be used, and the strengths and
weaknesses of each.
Terminal Services
1. Understand why Terminal Services might be used.
2. Know the various Terminal Service Security Options available in Group
Windows Trust
1. Understand what a Windows trust is and what effect it has upon security.
2. Understand the various types of Windows trusts, and when each can be used.
1. Understand when IPSec can be used.
2. Describe the components of an IPSec policy.
3. Know the difference between the AH and ESP protocols.
4. Be able to design and implement various IPSec policies depending on the
business requirements.
5. Describe the three default Microsoft IPSec policies and when each would be
Securing IIS Web Sites
1. Explain the majority components for securing an IIS web site and how they
all interoperate with each other.
2. Explain the effect of NetBIOS Share permissions on an IIS web site.
3. Describe the various IIS permissions and what each allows.
4. Explain the various IIS authentication methods and when each is needed.
5. Understand the need for a web application pool and the web pool identity.
6. Understand how to install SSL/TLS and what it accomplishes.
7. Describe client-side certificate mapping and why it is needed.
8. Explain URLscan, what it does, and why it is needed.
9. Explain the various IIS logging file formats and what each contains.
10. Explain web service extensions.
11. Describe WebDAV, why it is needed, and how to implement it.

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