Chapter 9: Exam 70-298 Prep and Practice
New EFS features in Windows XP Pro and Windows Server 2003
File sharing
Easy key backup
Works with WebDAV
Works with Offline Folders and Files
Has stronger encryption
Important EFS points
Here are some other important EFS points:
EFS works with WebDAV.
EFS works with Offline Folders and Files (XP Pro and later).
XP Pro and later supports EFS file sharing.
Cipher.exe command-line utility can be used to review EFS-
protected files and their related certificates.
Remote servers holding EFS-protected files need their server account
enabled with the “Trusted for Delegation” option.
EFS is strong file encryption. A data or key recovery plan must be tested
and implemented before allowing users to use EFS.
Exam 70-298 Practice Questions
This section will test you on the previous concepts and familiarize you with the
Exam 70-298 testlet formats. Four testlet scenarios will be covered, each with 10
or more questions to answer.
Testlet #1: Temptation Winery
Temptation Winery operates several Napa Valley vineyards and a wine and wine
accessory global distribution operation. The company recently acquired 15 new
wineries and 6 new warehouses throughout North America. Temptation winery
recently hired a new CEO, Tricia Lovell, a hands-on technology leader, to take
them to the next level.
Physical locations
The company’s main office is located in Napa Valley, California. Temptation
Winery has a total of 18 wine vineyard locations and 12 distribution warehouses.
Most are located in North America, but a few of the vineyards and physical loca-
tions are located in Italy and Paris. Each winery has between 20 and 100 full-time
employees, but only a handful of employees at each location perform executive
Exam 70-298 Practice Questions | 529
Prep and
Planned changes
The following changes will be made within the next year:
The company will expand the branch office in Paris. The Paris office will sup-
port French operations, plus the other offices and facilities in Italy. The Napa
Valley headquarters will directly support the North American operations and
facilities, and has executive approval over the Paris and Italy operations.
All servers in all locations are either Windows Server 2003 or will be
upgraded in the next three months.
All client computers are Windows XP Pro or will be upgraded in the next
three months.
All computers in the current Windows NT 4.0 domain must be migrated to
the new Active Directory infrastructure.
Two new Windows Server 2003 file servers called TWFS1 and TWFS2,
respectively, will be installed and configured. One will be placed at the Napa
Valley headquarters and the other in Paris.
Each winery will have several kiosk computers for visitors to learn about the
winery and be able to order wine and wine accessories.
Field supervisors at each winery and distribution warehouse will use laptop
computers and a wireless network to connect to the main network.
Business process
The main IT department is located in the Napa Valley office and manages all
servers and computers in North America. There are small IT teams (one to two
people) at each winery and warehouse, as well as in Italy and Paris. The small
teams have administrative access to local resources. The main North American IT
team has final approval and guidance on all IT issues no matter where the
resource is located. IT staff members in the Napa Valley headquarters frequently
travel to the other locations to perform advanced management skills, upgrades,
and new installs.
The non-U.S. facilities all report to Paris, which accumulates information and
reports it to the Napa Valley office.
The wine production executive team uses a custom-made, web-based database
application named ops.tempwine.com that holds and provides confidential infor-
mation on the growing of the grapes and production of the wine. The database is
considered extremely important and is the reason why Temptation’s wines are so
coveted around the world for their consistency and quality. If the information
were to leak out, it would be considered disastrous for the company. The applica-
tion uses IIS 6 and ASP.NET. It is hosted on an IIS 6 web server in Napa Valley.
Supervisors can access the database application from anywhere in the world
where they have Internet access or access to the private company network.
There is a second web-based database application called sales.tempwine.com,
which allows local and Internet visitors to buy wine and wine-related apparel. It
also holds information on each winery location. Web cams update pictures of the
grapes on the vine and workers every minute for visitors to see. It uses ASP.NET,

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