Chapter 2: Exam 70-270 Study Guide
Files And Settings Transfer Wizard
The Files And Settings Transfer (FAST) Wizard is used to transfer user settings
and datafiles from an old computer to a new installation of Windows XP Profes-
sional. Users can get the feel and look of their old settings when this wizard is
used to migrate their desktop preferences from old computers. At the same time,
administrators do not have to configure each user’s desktop on newly installed
In order to use the FAST Wizard, you must have both the old and new computers
available. The data is transferred from the old computer to the new one using
either a null modem cable or the serial ports (COM port). The null modem cable is
also a kind of serial cable. The parallel port and the parallel cable cannot be used
for this purpose. Other methods to transfer files and settings include using remov-
able disks and copying data to a network share.
To transfer settings and files from an old computer to a new computer using the
FAST Wizard, complete the following steps:
1. Click Start
All Programs Accessories System Tools Files And
Settings Transfer Wizard. This starts the FAST Wizard.
2. Click Next, and the wizard displays the What Computer Is This page. Select
Old Computer and click Next.
3. Click Unblock in the Windows Security Alert page if you are using Windows
XP Professional with SP2.
4. Select an appropriate option in the Select The Transfer Method page. These
options are Direct Cable, Home or Small Office Network, Floppy Drive or
Other Removable Media, and Other. Click Next.
5. You are prompted to configure the option you selected in the previous step.
Click Next when you are done.
6. The What Do You Want To Transfer page appears. You can choose from
Settings Only, Files Only, and Both Files And Settings. You can also click Let
Me Select A Custom List Of Files And Settings When I Click Next. Click
your selection and click Next.
7. The Collection In Progress Page appears. Click Finish when this process is
8. Go to the new computer, run the FAST Wizard, and repeat the above steps.
Select New Computer when prompted.
The FAST Wizard is used for transferring settings and data from
one computer to another while the User State Migration Tool is
used in the Active Directory network for large-scale deployments.
User State Migration Tool
The User State Migration Tool (USMT) helps administrators in an Active Direc-
tory domain transfer files and settings for large number of users from old
computers to new computers. This tool offers the same functionality as the FAST
Wizard but with the added advantage of working for a large number of users
instead of a single user. Two executable files are associated with USMT:

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