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only get partial credit for the answer. This is usually indicated in the question
While many of the questions on Exam 70-270 are multiple-choice, hot area, select
and place, and active screen, simulation type questions are being used increas-
ingly to ensure the testing process more accurately reflects actual hands-on
knowledge, rather than memorization. Individuals with adequate hands-on expe-
rience who have reviewed the study guide, performed the practice exercises,
memorized the essentials, and taken the practice tests should do well. Individuals
who lack this hands-on experience and have not prepared appropriately will find
the exam hard to pass.
Exam 70-270 Suggested Exercises
Exam 70-270 requires that you have good hands-on experience with the Windows
XP Professional operating system. You should be familiar with the various tasks
related to installing, configuring, and administering the operating system, as well
as troubleshooting tools and techniques. You will also need to review the Study
Guide and pay close attention to the areas that are new and/or you feel uncom-
fortable with. Practice is always the key to passing Microsoft exams. The more
you practice, the more comfortable you will feel with the exam.
This section includes exercises from all of the areas covered in the exam. You
should perform all of these exercises to gain hands-on experience with the
Windows XP Professional operating system. Although it is possible to perform
most of the exercises by installing Windows XP Professional on a single computer,
we suggest that you create a network consisting of at least two computers. One of
these computers should be a Windows Server 2003 domain controller, and the
second should be your Windows XP Professional client computer. This setup will
be particularly helpful when you install the operating system over the network
and perform exercises in the networking section.
In addition to performing the following suggested exercises, you should also be
familiar with all of the administrative tools included in Windows XP Professional,
as well as the various methods to access these tools. For example, you can access
the Computer Management console from either the My Computer icon on the
desktop or from the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel.
It is recommended that you do not perform any of the suggested
exercises in your organization or in any running computer net-
work. Create a test environment consisting of two computers for
completing these exercises.
Attended Installation of Windows XP Professional
1. Make sure that the computer selected for installation meets the minimum
hardware requirements.
2. Perform an attended installation of Windows XP Professional.

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