Chapter 3: Exam 70-270 Prep and Practice
Managing Print Jobs
1. Locate a large Word document from Windows Explorer, open it, and send it
to the printer.
2. Open the Printers And Faxes window from the Start menu.
3. Double-click on the printer to view the document being printed.
4. Select the document, click Document from the menu, and click Pause. Note
that the printing stops.
5. Click Document again from the menu and then click on Resume. Check to
make sure that the document starts printing again.
Managing Disks and Volumes
1. Open Computer Management and click on the Disk Management node.
2. Examine different disks and volumes on the computer.
3. Check the disk type and how the volumes are formatted.
4. Examine the volume where the system files reside.
5. If any of the disks have unallocated space, create and format a new volume
using NTFS.
6. Allocate a drive letter to the new volume.
7. Mount the new volume to an empty NTFS folder on another volume.
Convert a Basic Disk to Dynamic
1. Convert a Basic disk to Dynamic.
2. Create a volume on the newly created Dynamic disk.
3. If possible, expand the Dynamic volume.
4. Create a Spanned or Striped volume.
Using the Diskpart Utility
1. Open the command prompt and run the diskpart.exe command.
2. List the current disks on the computer when the
diskpart> interpreter is
3. Select a disk and list its volumes.
Configuring Disk Quotas
1. Open the properties of an NTFS volume and click the Quota tab.
2. Select the Enable Quota Management checkbox.
3. Select Limit Disk Space and specify a quota of 500 MB.
4. Set the warning level to 400 MB.
5. Click on the Quota Entries button and add users to configure disk quotas.

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