Chapter 5 Active Directory Objects and Trusts

Terms You’ll Need to Understand



√ Built-in account


√ Domain local group

√ Domain user account


√ External trust

√ Forest trust

√ Global group


√ Local user account

√ Nesting

√ Protected Admin

√ Realm trust

√ Security identifier (SID)

√ Shortcut trust

√ SID filtering

√ Template account

√ Transitive trust

√ Universal group

√ User logon name

Concepts/Techniques You’ll Need to Master

√ Using command-line tools to create user, group, and computer accounts

√ Adding and removing UPN suffixes

√ Moving objects in Active Directory

√ Configuring group membership

√ Resetting user accounts

√ Nesting groups

√ Delegating administrative control to users and groups

√ Creating ...

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