Chapter 2

1. F, A, B, D. When an IPv4 client is requesting an address from the DHCP server, it first sends a DHCPDISCOVER message to locate a server. The server sends a DHCPOFFER message to offer an IP address lease. The client sends a DHCPREQUEST message to indicate it is requesting this lease, and finally, the server sends a DHCPACK message to acknowledge acceptance of the lease. DHCPINFORM is used by workgroup DHCP servers for locating other DHCP servers on the network. There is no such message as DHCPADVERTISE; however, DHCPv6 servers use an Advertise message to offer a lease to a client computer. Note that on the exam, you must sequence your answers in the proper order or the answer will be considered incorrect.

2. A. A client will first ...

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