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MCTS 70-680 Exam Cram: Microsoft Windows 7, Configuring

Book Description

Prepare for Microsoft's new MCTS Windows 7 certification from Microsoft with Exam Cram's ultimate late-stage study and preparation tools!

  • Comprehensive coverage of all exam objectives: installation, upgrades, deployment, system/user management, networking, security, applications, IE, remote management, mobility, optimization, backup, and more

  • Contains chapter review questions, step-by-step exercises, and CD with two sample exams

  • Test-taking strategies and study tips help candidates save time and score higher

  • MCTS 70-680 Exam Cram: Microsoft Windows 7 Configuring is an efficient, effective, and concise guide that gives you exactly what you need to know to pass Microsoft's new certification exam on planning, installing, configuring, administering, supporting, securing, and troubleshooting Windows 7. Organized according to the exam objectives, this book is designed to help candidates focus their study as efficiently as possible. It offers reliable and straight-to-the-point coverage of every topic covered on the exam, including installation, upgrades, deployment, system management, user management, networking, printing, firewalls, encryption, applications, Internet Explorer, remote management, mobility, optimization, backup, and much more. It also includes powerful test-taking strategies and timesaving tips, as well as the ever-popular ExamCram Cram Sheet tearcard for last minute cramming. The accompanying CD-ROM contains two complete sample exams.