Assessment Test

  1. What filename extension is applied by default to custom consoles that are created for the MMC?
    1. .mmc
    2. .msc
    3. .con
    4. .mcn
  2. You want to create roaming profiles for users in the Sales department. They frequently log on at computers in a central area. The profiles should be configured as mandatory and roaming profiles. Which users are able to manage mandatory profiles on Windows 7 computers?
    1. The user who uses the profile
    2. Server operators
    3. Power users
    4. Administrators
  3. You want to monitor the CPU, memory, and disk usage on your computer to ensure that there are no bottlenecks. Which MMC snap-in would you load to access System Monitor?
    1. System Monitor
    2. Reliability Monitor
    3. ActiveX Control
    4. Performance Logs and Alerts
  4. If you wanted to require ...

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