Review Questions

1. You are the network administrator for ABC Company. You have an IPv6 prefix of 2001:DB8:BBCC:0000::/53 and you need to set up your network so that your IPv6 addressing scheme can handle 1000 more subnets. Which network mask would you use?

A. /60

B. /61

C. /62

D. /63

E. /64

2. You are the network administrator for Stellacon Corporation. Stellacon has a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine that needs to be able to communicate with all computers on the internal network. Stellacon has decided to add 15 new segments to its IPv6 network. How would you configure the IPv6 so that the server can communicate with all the segments?

A. Configure the IPv6 address as fd00::2b0:e0ff:dee9:4143/8.

B. Configure the IPv6 address as fe80::2b0:e0ff:dee9:4143/32 ...

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