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MEAN Web Development Workshop: An introduction to the MEAN web programming stack: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js

Video Description

3.5 Hours of Video Instruction


A quick hands-on video introduction to the MEAN web programming stack MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js


Recorded live at a workshop training session, MEAN Web Development Workshop allows you to sit in as expert trainer Marc Wandschneider covers the fundamentals of the MEAN stack MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js while walking the workshop participants through the process of creating real-world web applications.

The first section covers using Node.js to build the backend web server components, the next section covers using MongoDB as the data store for the Node.js backend components, and the final section covers using AngularJS as the client-side framework for the web application.

Code files for the author's examples are available on GitHub at https://github.com/marcwan/MeanWorkshop

About the Instructor

Marc Wandschneider has worked extensively with open source and web development platforms. He travels the globe, consulting as a lead manager for software projects and teams. He is the author of the book Learning Node.js (Addison-Wesley) and the video courses Learning AngularJS and Learning Node.js LiveLessons. A graduate of the McGill University School of Computer Science, he spent five years working for Microsoft, where he developed and managed developers on the Visual Basic, Visual J++, and .NET Windows Forms teams.

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
What You Will Learn

  • Ability to Create High Performance Web Applications
  • Understanding of the AngularJS Framework
  • Ability to Create and Maintain MongoDB Databases
  • Understanding of Node.js Development
  • Ability to Build Web Service in Node.js
Who Should Take This Course

  • Web developers and instructors who want to quickly get up to speed with the fundamentals of the MEAN stack
Course Requirements

  • Basic Understanding of JavaScript and web development
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