Chapter 11MWD Signal Processing in China

MWD research in China is active, openly pursued and published. Because the program is key to the country’s national agenda, it is well funded. These factors provide an atmosphere conducive to and fostering innovation and, importantly, supporting the training of engineers and researchers capable of improving and extending old and new ideas. In the author’s opinion, the enthusiasm with which these efforts is pursued is unmatched anywhere else. The record is clear: a significant body of original research, pursued by both government and national oil companies, exists, focusing on modern MWD issues in signal processing, hardware design and environment characterization. And it is growing rapidly.

In the “screen shots” presented below, we have captured representative research, all available publicly, reflecting a diversity of work related to topics in this book, e.g., wind tunnel simulation, phase-shift-keying, adaptive filtering, reflection deconvolution, echo removal, turbine design, torque and so on. The selected works do not represent a comprehensive or focused literature survey. Again they are representative and are not presented in any categorized order. Copies of these papers are available from the author or from the sources themselves. The collection presented below represents a wider cross-section than that presented in the 2014 edition of this book

Figure 11.1. High temperature environmental effects.

Figure 11.2. Signal processing, ...

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