Chapter 13Sinopec MWD Research

Shengli Petroleum Administrative Bureau of Sinopec Group and Shengli Oil Field Company of Sinopec Corporation are also known as Sinopec Shengli Oil Field. It is mainly located in Dongying, Shandong Province, with working areas distributed in eight cities and twenty-eight counties in Shandong Province, and also in five provinces and autonomy regions in other parts of China, such as Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. Shengli Oilfield was discovered and developed in the 1950s. Larger scale exploration campaigns began in 1964 with government support in what is now Dongying City. Shengli has been China’s second largest oilfield since 1978. The entire region is marked by strong economic growth, scientific development and a focus on high technology in multiple oilfield disciplines. Shown at the left in Figure 13.1 is Sinopec Tech Houston Center, the company’s ninth technology center and first research facility outside of China, and at the right, its headquarters based in Beijing. This chapter highlights ongoing MWD research conducted in several international groups.

Figure 13.1. Sinopec headquarters, Houston and Beijing.

13.1 Engineering and Design Highlights.

Figure 13.2. Author providing Sinopec MWD seminar in Dongying City.

Figure 13.3. Prototype ...

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