Speed Reduction

Speed Reduction

The rotary motion created by most motors occurs at speeds too high to be applied directly to moving scenery. The speed of a motor’s shaft must be reduced to usable levels, generally by a gearbox, although V-belts and toothed belts are also occasionally used. Regardless of how speed is reduced:

Pin × Efficiency = Pout

Tin ωin × Efficiency = Tout ωout

Where Pin, Pout = power put into, and power received out of the speed reducer (ft-lb/sec, watts)
  Efficiency = the decimal value of the percentage of power passed through the speed reducer (if reducer is 72% efficient, use 0.72)
  Tin, Tout = torque at input shaft, and torque at output shaft (ft-lb, Nm)
  ωin, ωout = angular speed at input shaft, and output ...

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