Media Law for Producers, 4th Edition

Book description

Media Law for Producers is a comprehensive handbook that explains, in lay terms, the myriad legal issues that the producer will face on a regular basis - contracts, permits, defamation, patents, releases and insurance, libel, royalties and residuals, as well as protecting the finished production. This revised and expanded edition includes such Internet-related topics as Internet music law, online registration, and online privacy. Other new topics covered include:

· Implied and express contracts in the project/idea submission process
· Assignment/transfer of copyright
· Music clip licensing
· Use of other people's trademarks in media production
· Parody as a defense to copyright infringement

Clear explanations examine the how and why of different types of production contracts, and checklists provide a quick means for producers to determine when their productions might be at greatest risk to legal challenges. Media Law for Producers also examines the substantial changes in copyright term resulting from recent copyright legislation.

Legal problems can be very costly to media producers. Lawyers and court fees, coupled with the loss of work time, can lead to bankruptcy. Media Law for Producers cuts through the legalese and illustrates legal issues to help producers recognize the legal questions that can arise during production.

Table of contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. List of Illustrations
  8. List of Cases
  9. Foreword
  10. Preface
  11. 1 Media Law: An Overview
    1. How Much Law Do You Need to Know?
    2. Who Creates Media Law?
    3. Types and Categories of Media Law
    4. Criminal Cases versus Civil Cases
    5. The Court System
    6. Alternative Dispute Resolution
    7. Summary
  12. 2 Managing Relationships: Contracts and the Media Production Process
    1. Production Contracts
    2. What Is a Contract?
    3. The Components of a Contract
    4. Other Issues and Concerns
    5. Sources of Contract Law
    6. Categories of Contracts
    7. When Do You Need a Lawyer?
    8. Broken Contracts
    9. Summary
  13. 3 Getting It in Writing: Sample Media Production Contracts
    1. Contracting for the Right Rights: Works-Made-for-Hire
    2. Media Production Contract Checklist
    3. Sample Crew Contract
    4. Sample Writer’s Contract
    5. Sample Facilities Rental Contract
    6. Sample Project Contract
    7. Sample Option/Purchase Agreement
    8. Summary
  14. 4 Getting Permission: Copyright Concerns During Media Production
    1. An Introduction to Copyright Law
    2. Copyright Infringement
    3. Fair Use of Copyrighted Works
    4. Public Domain
    5. Purchasing Rights-Free Materials
    6. Conducting a Copyright Investigation
    7. Obtaining the Right to Use Copyrighted Materials
    8. Moral Rights
    9. Errors and Omissions Insurance
    10. Additional Concerns for Licensing Certain Materials
    11. International Copyright
    12. Summary
  15. 5 Playing It Safe: Permits, Releases, Libel, and Production Insurance
    1. Shooting or Location Permits
    2. Privacy and Releases
    3. Other Privacy Concerns
    4. Libel
    5. Production Insurance and Completion Bonds
    6. Summary
  16. 6 Adding Music: Special Concerns Surrounding the Use of Music in Media Productions
    1. The Music Permissions Process
    2. Types of Rights
    3. Working with Rights and Permissions Agencies
    4. Using Music Libraries
    5. Music-Made-for-Hire (Commissioning Original Music)
    6. Using Sound-Alike Performers and Recordings
    7. The Music Rights Checklist
    8. Summary
  17. 7 Working with Guilds and Unions
    1. What Are the Sources of Labor Law?
    2. The Major Performer and Technician Guilds and Unions
    3. Guild and Union Agreements
    4. Misconceptions about Guild and Union Agreements
    5. Signing Up: Becoming a SAG or AFTRA Signatory
    6. Reuse Fees and Residuals
    7. Working with Guild Members When You Are Not a Signatory
    8. Beyond AFTRA and SAG
    9. Summary
  18. 8 Going Multimedia: Legal Issues Related to Interactive Productions
    1. Developing Multimedia CD-ROMs
    2. Producing Websites for the Internet
    3. Libel and Other Liability Issues on the Internet
    4. Transmitting Obscene or Indecent Material on the Internet
    5. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
    6. Obtaining Domain Names
    7. Public Performance Rights for Music
    8. Other Internet Issues
    9. Summary
  19. 9 Wrapping it Up: Protecting Your Finished Production
    1. Keeping Your Records Straight
    2. Copyright Registration
    3. Protecting Titles through Trademarks
    4. Patents
    5. Broadcast Law
    6. Distribution Agreements
    7. Summary
  20. Appendix A State and Provincial Film and Television Offices
  21. Appendix B Resources for Commissioning or Licensing Music
  22. Appendix C Guilds, Unions, and Associations
  23. Glossary
  24. Bibliography
  25. Index

Product information

  • Title: Media Law for Producers, 4th Edition
  • Author(s): Philip Miller
  • Release date: February 2013
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781136046018