Chapter 14

Antihistamines and Anti-Ulcer Agents

  • Define histamines and their receptor functionality

  • Define H1 receptor antagonists and their utility

  • Categorize antihistamines on the basis of the chemical nucleus

  • Describe the basic structural requirement for antihistamines

  • Define non-sedative antihistamines and their utility

  • Define H2 receptor antagonists and their utility

  • Describe the structural requirements of a H2 receptor antagonists

  • Define H3 and H4 receptors and their functional utility

  • Define proton pump inhibitors

  • List some new drugs against histamine receptors


Histamine [2-(imidazol-4-yl)ethylamine], which is biosynthesised by decarboxylation of the basic amino acid histidine, is found in all ...

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