Meeting the Cyber Risk Challenge

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Information security and privacy have become significant areas of concern over the past three years for global executives, who are all too aware that the security and integrity of customer, client and internal data are vulnerable to attack. Commitment to security awareness, initiatives, and processes is rapidly becoming an important part of the corporate culture at the vast majority of companies, because leaders know that cyber security is fundamental to how they conduct business and manage their business relationships. Yet in a recent survey of risk managers in Europe, many companies believe they still face significant challenges. What is the best organizational structure to ensure that security and privacy risks are identified and addressed? What is the emerging role of the board in oversight of risk? How are companies ensuring that every employee is committed to security practices? What legislation and regulatory measures are being proposed to help combat cyber-attacks internationally? In this HBR webinar, panelists focus on the best practices in information security and privacy programs.

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  • Title: Meeting the Cyber Risk Challenge
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  • Release date: November 2012
  • Publisher(s): Harvard Business Review
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