Chapter 5. Problem Solving with MEL Scripting

In this chapter you will learn

  • How MEL scripting fits into Maya as a whole.

  • That MEL scripts function mainly to build or modify Maya scenes.

  • What steps are necessary to plan a MEL script.

  • How to create a simple user interface in MEL.

  • How to create nodes in MEL.

  • How to add, set, and get custom attributes in MEL.

  • How to add connections between nodes in MEL.

  • How to create expression nodes in MEL.

MEL’s Role in Maya: Building Scenes

Throughout the examples in the last few chapters, we’ve explored how expression scripting fits into the process of building a Maya scene. We’ve also examined the differences between expression scripting and writing MEL scripts. Expressions are meant to be placed within a scene as DG ...

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