Mentoring Executives and Directors

Book description

Mentoring is one of the fastest growing forms of management development and the strongest growth area in mentoring is at director level. Very little is known about the nature of these relationships and the shutters on director mentoring are opened through a series of structured interviews with directors and their mentors.

'Mentoring Executives and Directors' is a lively, informative read including company and individual cases across a wide spectrum of sector and company size.

It will be of considerable interest to Human Resource professionals and academics, headhunters and management consultants as well as senior managers, executives and directors, and their mentors.

Table of contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Part 1 Every executive needs a mentor
    1. Why this book?
    2. Development is different
    3. Curtain raisers for mentoring
    4. Lonely at the top
    5. Personal reflective space
    6. Why the rise of interest in executive mentoring?
    7. Formal versus informal mentoring
    8. What do executive mentors do?
    9. Three common roles
    10. How reflective mentors approach the task
    11. Mentoring and emotional intelligence
    12. A model of executive mentoring processes
    13. What do mentors and mentees discuss?
    14. What makes an effective executive mentee?
    15. How to read this book
  7. Part 2 Case studies
    1. Introduction
    2. A1 Mentoring for business creation and development by Dinah Bennett and Christina Hartshorn
    3. A2 The accompagnateur - a conversation with a French mentor by Liz Borredon
    4. A3 The well supervised professional mentor James Cannon, Principal of Cannon Associates, Director of Right Cavendish
    5. A4 Richard D. Field, OBE: a company chairman and a principled mentor
    6. A5 Carl Eric Gestberg, ABB, Sweden - thorough processes support an internal scheme
    7. A6 Sir John Harvey-Jones: the self-made top executive passionate to help others
    8. A7 Creating a mentoring culture in Lex by Nick Holley, Personnel Director, Lex
    9. A8 Colin Palmer mentors Nigel Harrison: two accounts of an experienced director mentoring small business leaders
      1. A8a Colin Palmer, Chairman of Business Intelligence and of the IMPACT programme mentors Nigel Harrison, Managing Director, ACT
      2. A8b Nigel Harrison, Managing Director, ACT, interviewed by Melanie Sinnett
    10. A9 Mike Pupius, Royal Mail: a quality mentor
    11. A10 Peer mentoring among managers in the Netherlands by Lida Beers, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands
    12. A11 Trude Stolpe, Personnel Director, Axel Johnsson, Sweden
    13. A12 Allen Yurko, CEO, Siebe - an American story
    14. A13 Kees Zandvliet, HRM Director, Heineken, Netherlands: a functional director is professionally mentored - by Nina Lazeron
    15. B1 Julia Essex, mentored by Ian Flemming: one mentor - several organizations
      1. B1a Julia Essex, Director of Commissioning, East Hertfordshire Health Service
      2. B1b Ian Flemming, Julia’s mentor, is a partner in Ian Flemming Associates
    16. B2 Michael Fowle, KPMG - voluntary cross-sector mentoring of headteachers
    17. B3 Dame Rennie Fritchie: a top manager role modelff
    18. B4 Trish Longden, District Audit: professional career mentoring by Judy Weleminsky
    19. B5 Philip Lewer, City of Bradford Social Services: mentoring with heart
    20. B6 Dan Sequerra, Executive Director, Kirklees Metropolitan Council: a mentoring champion
    21. B7 David Wilson, Director of Finance, NHS Trust: a personal account by Richard Hale and Jonathon Harding, IMC Consulting
    22. C1 Sir Christopher Ball, Chancellor of Derby University, Chairman, Campaign for Learning
    23. C2 Dorothy Newton, RIBA: a voluntary sector director by Judy Weleminsky
  8. Part 3 The lessons for executive and director mentoring
    1. The issues
    2. Endnote
  9. References
  10. Index

Product information

  • Title: Mentoring Executives and Directors
  • Author(s): David Megginson, David Clutterbuck
  • Release date: August 2007
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781136378195