Chapter 17

Handling Post-Closing Announcements and Adjustments


check Disclosing a sale to employees and the media

check Tackling post-closing adjustments and contingent payments

check Covering breaches and escrow claims

Just because the deal is closed doesn’t mean all the work is done. You need to announce the deal to employees and to the rest of the world. And in most cases, both Buyer and Seller have to continue to interact with each other on some level for some period of time after the close.

In this chapter, I introduce you to the wonderful world of post-closing issues, including informing employees about the deal, making media announcements, taking care of the post-closing adjustments, addressing any contingent payment, working through breaches, and handling escrow.

Start Spreading the News

Following the close of the deal, the first order of business for many deal-makers is to announce the deal. Make the announcement to employees and the media as soon as possible after confidentiality no longer prevents you from talking about the deal.

warning Despite the best efforts of all involved ...

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