Chapter 8. Managing a distributed Linux messaging infrastructure 307
Figure 8-1 WebSphere MQ event monitoring
8.2.1 Queue manager events
Queue manager events are related to the use of resources within queue
managers, such as an application trying to put a message to a queue that does
not exist. The event messages for queue manager events are put on the
SYSTEM.ADMIN.QMGR.EVENT queue. The following queue manager event
types are supported:
Authority events (AUTHOREV) report an authorization, such as an
application trying to open a queue for which it does not have the required
authority, or a command being issued from a user ID that does not have the
required authority.
Inhibit events (INHIBITEV) indicate that an MQPUT or MQGET operation has
been attempted against a queue, where the queue is inhibited for puts or
Queue Manager
1. Event conditions
2. Event message
put on event queue
3. Event message
processed by a
user application
For example:
Queue full
+ event enabled
Event message
Event queue
User Application

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