334 Messaging Solutions in a Linux Environment
createmqm sample script to create a queue manager and move it to a
network mount point
imqdput.cpp C++ source code for the message generation program
LinuxHATestEAR.ear Enterprise archive for the Web application, including
source code
monq.c Sample C program to analyze MQ event messages
mqsMod.pl sample perl script to edit the file mqs.ini
mqstart Sample shell script to start MQ components on a system
mqstatus Sample shell script to obtain MQ status information
mqstop Sample shell script to stop MQ resources on a system
System requirements for downloading the Web material
The following system configuration is recommended:
Hard disk space:2 MB
Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux
How to use the Web material
To use any element of the Web material, review the chapter where that element
was discussed.

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