152 Messaging Solutions in a Linux Environment
5.1 Scenario three overview
This scenario expands on scenario two by showing the improvements that can
be made by replacing the external SCSI enclosure with a low-end SAN, a
FASTt200 disk enclosure. Highly scalable and fast, these SANs can be
configured to provide hundreds of terabytes of shared storage, but at a much
greater cost than in scenario two. The hardware topology used in this scenario
will be almost the same as in scenario two, see Figure 4-1 on page 122. The only
difference is the SAN switch in Figure 5-1.
Figure 5-1 High-Availability through SAN
5.2 Planning an implementation
This section discusses the additional hardware and software components that
are needed to implement this scenario.
External Disk
brk1 (brkha1)
Generation Program
Generation Program
WAS (server1)
brk2 (brk2ha2)
Sender Channel
Sender Channel
SAN switch

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