MAGOULÈS Frédéric, ZHAO Hai-XiangData Mining and Machine Learning in Building Energy Analysis


BARBIER Franck, RECOUSSINE Jean-LucCOBOL Software Modernization: From Principles to Implementation with the BLU AGE® Method

CHEN KenPerformance Evaluation by Simulation and Analysis with Applications to Computer Networks

CLERC MauriceGuided Randomness in Optimization (Metaheuristics Set - Volume 1)

DURAND Nicolas, GIANAZZA David, GOTTELAND Jean-Baptiste, ALLIOT Jean-MarcMetaheuristics for Air Traffic Management (Metaheuristics Set - Volume 2)

MAGOULÈS Frédéric, ROUX François-Xavier, HOUZEAUX Guillaume Parallel Scientific Computing

MUNEESAWANG Paisarn, YAMMEN SuchartVisual Inspection Technology in the Hard Disk Drive Industry


BOULANGER Jean-LouisFormal Methods Applied to Industrial Complex Systems

BOULANGER Jean-LouisFormal Methods Applied to Complex Systems: Implementation of the B Method

GARDI Frédéric, BENOIST Thierry, DARLAY Julien, ESTELLON Bertrand, MEGEL RomainMathematical Programming Solver based on Local Search

KRICHEN Saoussen, CHAOUACHI Jouhaina Graph-related Optimization and Decision Support Systems

LARRIEU Nicolas, VARET AntoineRapid Prototyping of Software for Avionics Systems: Model-oriented Approaches for Complex Systems Certification

OUSSALAH Mourad ChabaneSoftware Architecture 1 Software Architecture 2

PASCHOS Vangelis ThCombinatorial Optimization – 3-volume ...

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