Writing a simple FileZilla FTP fuzzer

We analyzed the working of fuzzer modules in our previous recipe. Let us take it a step ahead by building our own small FTP fuzzer that can be used against the FileZilla FTP server.

How to do it...

The basic template to build a fuzzer will be similar to the one we discussed for the development of an auxiliary module. So our basic template should look as follows:

require 'msf/core' class Metasploit3 < Msf::Auxiliary include Msf::Auxiliary::Scanner def initialize super( 'Name' => 'FileZilla Fuzzer', 'Version' => '$Revision: 1 $', 'Description' => 'Filezilla FTP fuzzer', 'Author' => 'Abhinav_singh', 'License' => MSF_LICENSE ) register_options( [ Opt::RPORT(14147), OptInt.new('STEPSIZE', [ false, "Increase string ...

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