Chapter 11

Being a Successful Affiliate

In This Chapter

arrow Defining the term “affiliate”

arrow Finding success with affiliates

arrow Focusing on some popular affiliate opportunities for you

An enterprising person can find money in many different ways and make things happen. I’ve taught home business seminars for nearly a quarter century. I have had many students who told me why they couldn’t succeed. “But Paul, I don’t have a product, and I don’t know what to sell!” This lament sounds familiar with today’s economy.

However, finding a product to market is as easy as going to a website and deciding. If you don’t have a product and you’re clueless about creating a product (or service), then you may want to consider the world of affiliate marketing.

This chapter examines the world of affiliate marketing, including what it is, why you would want to be an affiliate, how you can be a successful affiliate, and several different real-life websites you may want to look at to see if affiliate marketing is right for you.

The Lowdown on Affiliate Programs

An affiliate is someone who gets paid a referral fee from organizations (typically online companies) when that referral results in a sale. The affiliate ...

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