Chapter 14

Communicating with Prospective Customers

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding sales and the cold call

arrow Selling in print

arrow Using proper email communication to make sales

arrow Utilizing videos to cold call

After all is said and done, your business boils down to selling. Whether you’re a one-person operation working from your kitchen table or a huge Fortune 500 company with operations sprawling across the globe, you gain your revenue from the gentle art of salesmanship.

At the heart of salesmanship is the art of persuasion. Whether you’re selling over the phone, in person, through writing, or in any other form of communication, you have to persuade someone else to exchange what you offer (products or services) for their money.

This obligation to persuade belongs to entrepreneurs. You have to earn your customers’ money if you want it. In order to persuade them, you need to make the initiative to contact someone. If you already have a product or service, you need to get customers. This chapter focuses on the act of selling and the different forms that it can take, such as spoken, written, ...

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