Chapter 2

The MCS51 Microcontroller

The 8051, like many microcontrollers, has the CPU, memory and I/O (Input/Output) integrated together in a flexible and extendable manner. It is an established product which is very popular in many different industries. The core features of the device are

• 8-bit CPU optimized for control applications

• Extensive Boolean processing (single-bit logic) capabilities

• 64K Program Memory address space

• 64K Data Memory address space

• 4K bytes of on-chip Program Memory

• 128 bytes of on-chip Data RAM

• 32 bidirectional and individually addressable I/O lines

• Two 16-bit timer/counters

• Full duplex UART

• 6-source/5-vector interrupt structure with two priority levels

• On-chip clock oscillator.

The basic architectural ...

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