16-Bit Microcontrollers: 8096/80196 Family

Chapter Outline

  • Study basic features in 80196 architecture
  • Study internal devices in 80196 family MCU
  • Learn interrupt sources, IC ports, timers and instruction-set of 80x96

We learnt in detail these resources in the 8-bit microcontrollers—8051/8031 family. We have also learnt PIC family MCUs.

The 16-bit internal operations at ALU show greater performance (better speed and precision) in a CPU when compared to the 8-bit operations in ALU. Therefore, the applications requiring greater performance need 16-bit microcontrollers.

8096/80196 is a 16-bit microcontroller. This chapter describes the architecture, memory, ports, serial IO (input and output), timers, other resources and interrupt-sources ...

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