Chapter 4. Fabrication technologies

Chapter Outline

4.1. Silicon-Based Microtechnologies114
4.1.1. Basic technologies115 Photolithography115 Chemical vapor deposition116 Thermal oxidation116 Physical vapor deposition117 Spin coating118
4.1.2. Single-crystalline silicon119 Wet etching120 Dry etching123 Bulk micromachined microchannels and nanochannels125 Epi-micromachining or near-surface micromachining127
4.1.3. Polysilicon128 Polysilicon surface micromachining128 Fabrication of microchannels with silicon surface micromachining129
4.1.4. Other materials130 Diamond thin films130 Silicon carbide131
4.2. Polymeric Microtechnologies132
4.2.1. Thick-film ...

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