Chapter 5. Micromixers based on molecular diffusion

Chapter Outline

5.1. Parallel Lamination163
5.1.1. Mixers based on pure molecular diffusion163
5.1.2. Mixers based on inertial and viscoelastic instabilities169
5.2. Sequential Lamination171
5.3. Sequential Segmentation173
5.4. Segmentation Based on Injection175
5.5. Focusing of Mixing Streams177
5.5.1. Streams with the same viscosity177
5.5.2. Streams with different viscosities179
5.5.3. Combination of hydrodynamic focusing and sequential segmentation181
5.6. Gradient Generator Based on Diffusive Mixing187
5.6.1. Parallel lamination gradient generator187
5.6.2. Free-diffusion gradient generator191
The final stage in all micromixer types is molecular diffusion. This chapter discusses micromixers ...

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