Chapter 6. Micromixers based on chaotic advection

Chapter Outline

6.1. Chaotic Advection at High Reynolds Numbers196
6.1.1. T-mixer at high Reynolds numbers196
6.1.2. Passive mixers with obstacles in the mixing channel199
6.1.3. Dean flow with repeated turns in mixing channel201
6.2. Chaotic Advection at Intermediate Reynolds Numbers203
6.2.1. Chaotic advection with 90° turns203
6.2.2. Chaotic advection with other channel designs205
6.3. Chaotic Advection at Low Reynolds Numbers208
6.3.1. Chaotic advection with Dean vortices and complex 3-d channels208
6.3.2. Chaotic advection with flow-guiding structures on channel walls211
6.4. Chaotic Advection in Multiphase Flow219
6.4.1. Multiphase systems in microscale219 Passive droplet formation220 ...

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