INTEL 8086

This chapter describes the internal architecture, addressing modes, instruction set, and I/O techniques associated with the 8086 microprocessor. Interfacing capabilities to typical memory and I/O chips such as the 2716, 6116, and 8255 are included.

A design technique is presented showing interconnection of the 8086 to 2716 EPROM, 6116 RAM, and 8255 I/O chips. The memory and I/O maps are then determined.

3.1    Introduction

The 8086 is Intel’s first 16-bit microprocessor.

The 8086 is designed using the HMOS technology and contains approximately 29,000 transistors. The 80C86A is the low power version of the 8086 designed using HCMOS technology. The 8086 is packaged in a 40-pin CERDIP or plastic package and requires a single 5V power ...

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