This chapter first describes in detail the hardware, software, and interfacing features associated with the MC68020.

Topics include MC68020 architecture, addressing modes, instruction set, I/O, coprocessors, and system design.

6.1    Introduction

The MC 68020 is Motorola’s first 32-bit microprocessor. The MC68020 is designed to execute all user object code written for previous members of the MC 68000 family.

The MC68020 is manufactured using HCMOS (combining HMOS and CMOS on the same device). The MC68020 consumes a maximum of 1.75 watts. It contains 200,000 transistors on a 38 piece of silicon. The chip is packaged in a square (1.345″ × 1.345″) pin grid array (PGA) and contains 169 pins (114 pins used) arranged in a 13 ...

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