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Cloves Carneiro Jr. and Tim Schmelmer, Microservices From Day One, 10.1007/978-1-4842-1937-9_6

6. Consuming Your APIs

Cloves CarneiroJr. and Tim Schmelmer2

(1)Hollywood, Florida, USA

(2)Broomfield, Colorado, USA

The size ofclient-side libraries, and the features included in them, can vary widely. We will discuss the pros and cons of including various responsibilities, like exposing network errors, or making service calls, validating service responses, caching expensive API calls, handling errors, and alarming when things go wrong. Key topics in this chapter include

  • How much code should live in a client library?

  • Libraries should not have business logic, ever.

  • Handling errors is a must, and depends on the ...

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