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S. GuerreroMicroservices in SAP HANA XSAhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-6118-7_1

1. Architecture of SAP HANA XSA

Sergio Guerrero1 
Texas, United States

Welcome to how to build microservices in SAP HANA XSA using Node JS. In this chapter, I explain the SAP HANA architecture, the evolution from HANA 1 to HANA XSA, the Cloud Foundry (CF) architecture, and also how open source plays a very important role in the development of microservices in HANA XSA.


Enterprises have ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems where they run business processes autonomously or by utilizing employees working at these companies. ERP systems such as SAP have provided proven technologies that utilize System Applications and Products (SAP) ...

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