Appendix B. DAO Object Method and Property Descriptions

This appendix provides a detailed alphabetical list of all the objects that DAO supports, including descriptions of their methods, properties, and collections. These descriptions are for reference purposes only, and you should consult the online Help for more in-depth descriptions.


This section outlines the objects that are available in DAO. There have been some changes made to DAO in Access 2007 and 2010, and they're reflected in the descriptions.


In addition to the Microsoft Access workspace, previous versions of DAO supported a second type of Workspace object called ODBCDirect. ODBCDirect workspaces are used against ODBC data sources, such as SQL Server. Beginning with Office 2007, Microsoft is no longer shipping Remote Data Objects (RDO) that enabled this type of workspace. As a result, ODBCDirect is no longer supported in DAO.

User-Level Security

Beginning with Access 2007, user-level security is no longer supported for new file formats. Thus, you cannot assign permissions to database objects such as tables and queries, or Access objects such as forms and reports in ACCDB files. User-level security is still supported for MDB files. The DAO object model related to users and groups, however, has been hidden. To view hidden members in an object model, right-click in the Object Browser and choose Show Hidden Members.

Containers Collection

The Containers collection contains all of the Container objects ...

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