Chapter 18. Working with Office 2010


  • Using Outlook objects in Access using VBA

  • Creating and sending e-mail with Outlook

  • Creating Calendar items in Outlook

  • Using Excel objects in Access using VBA

  • Getting data from an Excel spreadsheet

  • Sending Access data to an Excel spreadsheet

  • Using Word objects in Access using VBA

  • Creating Word documents

  • Sending Access data to Word documents

  • Creating automated mail merges using Word

One of the most powerful features of the Microsoft Office 2010 suite is the interoperability between the various applications. So far, most of the material covered in this book has worked directly within Access and with the Object Model (OM) it provides, but VBA is not specific to Access only. Many of the other Office applications, such as Word, Outlook, and Excel, support VBA and all have their own Object Models that provide the ability to work directly with their respective objects. More importantly, this interoperability provides Access developers with the ability to leverage those Office applications and their features directly from within an Access database application. Similarly, the reverse is true for a developer of Excel spreadsheets; Access features and database data can be used directly from within an Excel spreadsheet application. The idea is that all the features of the entire Office suite of products can be used within any of those products with just a few simple lines of VBA code. This chapter covers the basics of working with the Outlook, ...

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