Chapter 19. Working with SharePoint


  • A discussion of the Access 2010 features that integrate with SharePoint 2010

  • An overview of the new Access Web Application features

  • A discussion about how to build traditional Access database applications that use SharePoint as a data source

  • How to import, export, and link to SharePoint lists using Access 2010

  • Code samples for building VBA code that uses the Access Object Model to work with SharePoint

With the release of Office 2010 comes the release of two major SharePoint 2010 (version 4.0) products: SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010. SharePoint Foundation continues to provide the framework for building SharePoint sites and has a number of new and interesting features for this release. However, the SharePoint Server 2010 release, with its brand-new suite of products and, specifically, the Access Services product, is really what has Access developers raving. Access 2010, combined with Access Services for SharePoint, allows the developer to build a new type of Access application, known as an Access Web Application, which runs directly in a Web browser. And, of course, the addition of this new type of Access-SharePoint application and the related features are in addition to all the features that were previously available for working with SharePoint. This chapter describes the features of Access 2010 that integrate with the SharePoint 2010 products.


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