Chapter 23. Access Runtime Deployment


  • A description of the Access 2010 Runtime

  • Details about getting the Runtime

  • A discussion about using the Access Runtime

  • A discussion about deploying the Runtime

  • A walkthrough of the Package Solution Wizard

Simply put, the Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime allows Access database applications to run on Windows machines even when the Access program itself is not installed. The Access 2010 Runtime redistributable license allows developers to freely distribute the Runtime package, in unlimited quantity, without infringing on any Microsoft licensing rights or requirements, to machines that need to run Access database applications. Although the Access 2010 Runtime does not allow users to use the full Access 2010 program itself, distributing the Access Runtime with database applications can reduce the overall cost of the application for customers who do not already have Access installed. This chapter discusses the details of the Access 2010 Runtime as well as some deployment options.


As part of the Microsoft Office 2010 release, the Access team has provided a 2010 version of the Access Runtime to be distributed with database applications built in Access 2010, or earlier versions. The Access 2010 Runtime supports the new features of Access 2010, as well as providing support for the file formats and database versions supported by Access 2010. As with previous versions of the Access Runtime, the 2010 Runtime License continues ...

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