Welcome to Access 2010 Programmer's Reference, your guide to the new features and opportunities that Access 2010 has to offer. With this release, Access has expanded its reach beyond the desktop and network to join the ranks in the cloud. In support of this new level of connectivity, you will find significant changes within the developer environment that require more decisions, different programming tools, and more options. With changes of this magnitude, you will want to leverage community resources to get up-to-speed quickly so that you are working smarter and more efficiently. That's where this book comes in.

What makes this book so special? In addition to the extensive coverage of subject matter, it is the unparalleled team of authors and tech editors who are as devoted to helping fellow developers as they are passionate about Access. Jerry and Teresa have both earned Access MVP status in recognition of their expertise and contributions to the Access community, and Rob and Geoff have worked on the Microsoft Access test team. They are joined by a team of five technical editors who are all Access MVPs; they are not only technical experts but also seasoned consultants and leading-edge developers. Their areas of focus and expertise cover the spectrum from VBA to macros, and from simple solutions to enterprise deployments to web apps, and all areas in between.

Access 2010 builds on many of the new features that were introduced in Access 2007. Features such as templates, ...

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