Getting Started in Access 2010

In this lesson, you learn how to start Access 2010 and open an existing Access database. In Access, as in other Windows programs, a user can open a program or a file in multiple ways: the Start menu, a desktop shortcut, and an icon on the Quick Launch Toolbar are all common methods. Another method of opening the Access program is double-clicking an Access database file. Windows also allows you to create a shortcut for a specific database and place it on the desktop or on the Quick Launch Toolbar. And finally, using Windows Explorer to browse to a database file and open it is yet another way to open a database. All of these options for creating and opening a database are easy to accomplish and are discussed in this lesson.


In this lesson, you learn how to open an Access database using the different options available with Windows. No pre-existing knowledge of Access is required to complete this lesson.


The Access 2010 program can be opened from the Windows Start menu. The Start menu is usually located in the bottom-left corner of the computer screen. In Windows 7 and Windows Vista the Windows Start button is the round button with the Windows logo. In earlier versions of Windows, it is a rectangular button labeled Start.

During installation, an Access 2010 shortcut was installed under Microsoft Office folder on the Start menu. Start Access by clicking the Start button on the Windows task bar or pressing the Windows ...

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