Creating Queries in Design View

After becoming more familiar with creating queries using the Access 2010 Query Wizard (explained in Lesson 21), you might want to begin creating queries directly from Query Design View mode. The Access 2010 Query Design View allows more control over a query's final design than the wizard allows. A proficient user can easily open a new query in Design View and add single or multiple tables, create and define joins, drag and drop all fields (or only add specific fields), create field expressions, add sorting to single or multiple fields, and create aggregate or group by queries.

This lesson shows you how to use the Query Design View to create a query. The lesson familiarizes you with the Show Table dialog and the Query Design Ribbon. You learn how to add fields to the query, add criteria to restrict returned records, sort the results to order the records, and add totals to the query. You also get an introduction to the query's SQL view to show what the query designer is creating in the background.

One of the major strengths of Access 2010 is its ease of learning and use. With only a few clicks and limited typing, you can design a simple query to return records that meet specific criteria. In addition to queries that return records, Access allows the user to create Action queries that modify, or manipulate, data by using the Design View. Action queries include Append, Update, Delete, and Make Table queries. This lesson discusses the basics of creating ...

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