Creating Reports in Layout View

Microsoft Access 2010's Reports package makes it easy to create reports for your databases. A report can be a simple one-click creation, or built from scratch with full control over Record Sources and report styling. You can approach building a report in several different ways, including the focus of this lesson, the Report Layout View designer. Originally introduced in Access 2007, the Layout View designer allows the user to manipulate objects and control formats while seeing the actual data in the report. This lesson discusses the basic features of the Layout View designer and how to create reports.


Creating basic reports is very easy in Access 2010. You should be familiar with Access basics such as selecting tables, entering data, creating new database objects, and navigating the program, but you do not need to know much more for this lesson. To create a new report in Access, all you need is at least one table containing data.


One of Access's most productive and time-saving features is the ability to create Quick Reports. These reports are just like blank reports built from scratch, but with the table fields automatically added and formatted for you. With Access 2010, a complete, ready-to-present report is literally just a few clicks away. To create a Quick Report in Access 2010, click any table in the Navigation Pane to be used as the Record Source for the report and then, on the Create Ribbon, click ...

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