The Access Runtime

One of the largest complaints from Access users is that anyone who wants to run an Access application must have some version of Access installed. Not true! The Access Runtime is a program that can be freely distributed to users to allow them to run Access applications, without having to have the full version of Access installed. Although the Access Runtime does not provide the full functionality and features of the Access program itself, it does allow Access database applications to be run on the user's machine when Access is not present. However, you have a number of items to consider when using the Access Runtime, as you will see shortly. This lesson discusses the basics of the Access Runtime and attempts to illustrate how these concepts can be applied to an Access database application.


This lesson is designed to provide a basic overview of the Access Runtime and how it can be used. By now, you should have a good knowledge of all the different kinds of database objects and how they can be used in a database application. Now you will see how these objects function under the Access Runtime, so it is very helpful to have a good knowledge of all of the parts of Access for this lesson.


The Access Runtime is a royalty-free, redistributable package provided by Microsoft to allow Access developers to distribute their Access applications to users who do not currently have Access installed on their machines. The Runtime package ...

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