Chapter 8

Running Serverless Apps in Azure


Bullet Understanding serverless compute

Bullet Designing and implementing Azure function apps and Azure Functions

Bullet Planning, designing, and testing Azure Logic Apps

This chapter moves into the wonderful world of serverless computing in Azure. I begin by demystifying the buzzword serverless and then discuss how to create Function Apps and Logic Apps in Azure.

Defining Serverless

The term serverless gets a lot of attention nowadays. What does it mean? I’ll try to cut through marketing jargon and explain the concept succinctly.

App Service apps provide lots of flexibility, in that you don’t have to manage the underlying infrastructure, but you still have an entire application to deal with.

The idea behind serverless apps is that Microsoft abstracts almost the entire environment from you. You can pretty much upload a single source-code function and instruct Azure to run it based on a predefined trigger event.

You and I both know that there’s no such thing as serverless in a physical sense. All App Service apps rely on Linux or Windows Server virtual machines (VMs) under the hood. The term simply denotes an increased abstraction layer for ...

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