Chapter 16

Top Ten Azure Educational Resources


Bullet Digging into the Azure documentation

Bullet Experimenting with the Azure REST API

Bullet Working through Azure educational lab exercises

If I’ve tried to make one thing clear in this book, it’s that to be successful with Microsoft Azure, you’ve got to keep up to date with it.

To that end, I’m closing this book by offering you ten hand-selected Azure educational resources. Happy reading!

Azure Documentation

The Azure documentation library is your ultimate source of truth on how Azure products work. Microsoft has open-sourced the documents to GitHub, so community members (like you!) can edit them and submit your review.

The living nature of the library means that the documentation evolves with Azure products. You’ll also find plenty of multimedia resources to address educational styles that cater more to a hands-on or visual approach.

Tip If you have yet to skill up on Git source-code control and the GitHub collaboration workflow, consider checking out Sarah Guthals’s and Phil Haack’s splendid GitHub For ...

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