© Julian Soh, Marshall Copeland, Anthony Puca, and Micheleen Harris 2020
J. Soh et al.Microsoft Azurehttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5958-0_15

15. Azure Cognitive (COG) Services

Julian Soh1  , Marshall Copeland2, Anthony Puca3 and Micheleen Harris1
Washington, WA, USA
Texas, TX, USA
Colorado, CO, USA

One of the most exciting areas in artificial intelligence is the area of cognitive sciences. Cognitive science is the study of how the brain functions—specifically, mental processing, awareness, and interaction. Cognitive science, as applied to technology, is about enabling software to interact with users at a more human level.

When we think of artificial intelligence in traditional science fiction, we envision robots that are modeled after ...

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