Microsoft Azure Security Center (Video)

Video description

Almost 5 Hours of Video Instruction

Must-have Azure Security Center insights, tips, and operational solutions for anyone working in a Microsoft Azure cloud or hybrid environment!

In this video, leading Microsoft security expert Yuri Diogenes helps you apply Azure Security Center’s robust protection, detection, and response capabilities in key operational scenarios. Learn comprehensive Azure Security Center techniques for safeguarding cloud and hybrid environments.

Walk through securing any Azure workload and optimizing key facets of modern security, from policies and identity to incident response and risk management. Reflecting Azure Security Center updates as of March 2020, coverage includes single-click remediation, IoT, improved container security, Azure Sentinel, and more.

Skill Level
All levels

Who Should Take This Course
  • For cloud architects, designers, implementers, operations professionals, and security specialists working in Microsoft Azure cloud or hybrid environments
  • For all IT professionals and decision-makers concerned with the security of Azure environments
Course Requirements

This video starts from scratch to get you up-to-speed on Azure Security Center. You will need an Azure subscription (a trial subscription will suffice and is valid for 30 days).

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Microsoft Azure Security Center: Introduction
  2. Lesson 1: Understanding the current threat landscape
    1. Learning objectives
    2. 1.1 Analyze the current threat landscape
    3. 1.2 Understand the cyber kill chain
    4. 1.3 Review the cloud threads and cloud security design considerations
    5. 1.4 Understand the Azure security infrastructure
  3. Lesson 2: Understanding Azure Security Center
    1. Learning objectives
    2. 2.1 Understand the use case scenarios for CSPM and CWPP
    3. 2.2 Design considerations for Azure Security Center
    4. 2.3 Plan Azure Security Center adoption
  4. Lesson 3: Deploying Azure Security Center
    1. Learning objectives
    2. 3.1 Onboard Azure resources
    3. 3.2 Onboard non-Azure resources
    4. 3.3 Automate Azure Security Center deployment
  5. Lesson 4: Implementing security policy in Azure Security Center
    1. Learning objectives
    2. 4.1 Understand security policy
    3. 4.2 Customize security policy
    4. 4.3 Understand regulatory and compliance standards
  6. Lesson 5: Implementing security recommendations in Azure Security Center
    1. Learning objectives
    2. 5.1 Understand secure score
    3. 5.2 Take actions to increase your secure score
    4. 5.3 Remediate security recommendations for Compute Apps
    5. 5.4 Remediate security recommendations for Networking
    6. 5.5 Remediate security recommendations for data and storage
    7. 5.6 Remediate security recommendations for identity and access
    8. 5.7 Remediate security recommendations for containers
    9. 5.8 Remediate security recommendations for applications
  7. Lesson 6: Managing the security of your IoT devices in Azure Security Center
    1. Learning objectives
    2. 6.1 Understand IoT security
    3. 6.2 Understand Azure IoT solution
    4. 6.3 Configure Azure Security Center for IoT
  8. Lesson 7: Configuring Azure Security Center to reduce the attack surface of your Azure workloads
    1. Learning objectives
    2. 7.1 Implement Just-in-Time VM Access
    3. 7.2 Implement File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
    4. 7.3 Implement adaptive application control
  9. Lesson 8: Using Azure Security Center threat detection
    1. Learning objectives
    2. 8.1 Understand how threat detection works in Azure Security Center
    3. 8.2 Use the Security Alerts dashboard in Azure Security Center
    4. 8.3 Understand threat detection for PaaS workloads
    5. 8.4 Integrate Azure Security Center with other Microsoft products
    6. 8.5 Access security alerts using API
  10. Lesson 9: Building automated response in Azure Security Center
    1. Learning objectives
    2. 9.1 Understand how to use Playbooks in Azure Security Center
    3. 9.2 Create your own playbook
    4. 9.3 Validate your playbook
  11. Lesson 10: Hunting threats in Azure
    1. Learning objectives
    2. 10.1 Hunt threats using Azure Security Center
    3. 10.2 Integrate Azure Security Center with Azure Sentinel
    4. 10.3 Hunt threats using Azure Sentinel
  12. Summary
    1. Microsoft Azure Security Center: Summary

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft Azure Security Center (Video)
  • Author(s): Yuri Diogenes
  • Release date: March 2020
  • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
  • ISBN: 0136702449